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  • 2001年2月 高橋あき子Jerry 映像制作会社に入社。
  • 2006年1月 独立し、屋号 Asian Moving Images として映像制作業務を開始。
  • 2019年9月 ami film 株式会社 設立。

Message from CEO

I remember watching a Hong Kong movie called "Mr. Vampire" when I was 7 years old. That was the start of my passion for films. I was really fascinated by this film and Kung Fu. Then I started watching Jackie Chen's films. After few years, the passion spread to films from all over the world. My favorite are "Stand by me", "My life as a dog", "Le Mari de la coiffeuse".

When I was 23 years old, I decided to work in the film & video industry and started working for a TV production company in Tokyo. During that time, I was in charge of making TV programs, videos for companies, TV commercials, etc... Then I became a freelance and it's been now almost 18 years since I started my career.

It's time to moving on to the next stage! In 2019, I decided to create my own company, "ami film co.,ltd". "ami" is an abbreviation for "Asian Moving Images" which I have been used as a business name since I became freelance.

I have traveled in more than 30 countries so far, met so many people and learned a lot from them. Using the knowledge and experience I gained, I truely believe we can create movies that make something new!

ami film CEO:Akiko Jerry Takahashi


  • February, 2001 I entered a TV production company in Tokyo.
  • January, 2006 I became freelance and started "Asian Moving Images".
  • September, 2019 I established "ami film co.,ltd".